Nex-G Innovations

5G Air Interface

Different application requirements for air interface technology is complex and diverse, a unified new air interface with flexibility and adaptability is proposed to meet these requirements. New air interface consists of building blocks and configuration mechanisms such as adaptive waveform, adaptive protocols, adaptive frame structure, adaptive coding and modulation family and adaptive multiple access schemes. With these blocks and mechanisms, the air interface is able to accommodate the future wide variety of user services, spectrum bands and traffic levels.

Code: NES_SK_3191

Duration: 40 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Modules Covered in the Course

5G System Architecture

5G Physical Layer

5G Massive MIMO & Beamforming

5G Protocol Architecture

  1. Introduction (protocols, SAP, OSI model)
  1. NG-RAN protocol layer
  1. Strata (NAS, AS)
  1. User plane (SDAP, PDCP, RLC, MAX, PHY)
  1. Control plane (RRC states, SRBs, system information, RRC connection establishment)
  1. QoS (QoS concept, QoS flow, QoS profile, QoS architecture)
  1. Radio interface structure
  1. 3GPP TS for 5G

NR Physical Layer Structure

NR Downlink Physical Layer

NR Uplink Physical Layer

5G Reference Signal

Physical Layer Procedures

5G Air Interface Security

5G Mobility

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