Nex-G Innovations

Knowledge Management

At Nex-G Exuberant Solutions, we believe in "knowing what we know and profiting from it". We therefore channelize our energies in generating value from our intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Our Knowledge Management initiative focuses on achieving sustained individual and business performance through the synergy of people, processes, and technology, and by ongoing learning, unlearning and adaptation.


Knowledge Management Framework

Nex-G's Knowledge Xchange portal is based on the Web 2.0 model for social computing. Its Cubicle Model helps to plug in various modules enabling shared-learning through collaboration. This model not only brings Nex-G -ites to enrich our global knowledge repository but it also connects our external stakeholders to a single hub. The portal enables collaboration through Wikis, blogs, individual websites and forums, and provides enterprise-wide access to Nex-G's large teams spread across geographies and hierarchies. Nex-G's Knowledge Xchange helps the employees across the organization to participate actively, easily share knowledge, quickly reach the information they need, and manage knowledge from anywhere.

Benefits of our KM Initiativ

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