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Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

A Data Center (or datacenter) is an archive that houses computing facilities like servers, routers, switches and firewalls for organizations to use compose, process, store & disseminate large amounts of data. A business ordinarily depends intensely upon the applications, services and data contained within a data center, making it a point of convergence and critical asset for everyday operations. SDDC will allow you rapidly run, manage, connect, and secure apps across data centers, clouds, and devices.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) training explores the fundamental concepts of Software-Defined Data Center.

In this training, participants can learn about-
- The impact of Software-Defined Data Center and building the foundation for digital transformation.
- Various approaches that bring together best-in-class virtualized compute, storage, and networking with comprehensive cloud management on common operating environment.

Code: NES_SK_12309

Duration: 80 Hrs / 8 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Module 01: Introduction of Data Centers

Module 02: Internals of Data Centers

Module 3: SDN & NFV Introduction

Module 4: Openstack Overview

Module 5: Telco Cloud Examples - Cloud RAN, Virtual IMS, Virtula EPC etc

Module 6: Data Centre Backup / Disaster Recovery Process

Module 7: Best Practices for Site Engineer

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