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NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Technology

Network Functions Virtualization Training, NFV Training introduces concepts, technologies and new ways to design, deploy and manage networking services. Network Functions Virtualization allows decoupling of critical network functions such as such as NAT, DHCP, DNS, firewall, IDS from proprietary hardware appliances. These critical functions are able to run in software only and simplifies networking components and leads to a fully virtualized infrastructure. This is applicable to data plane processing or control plane function in both wired and wireless network infrastructures.

Code: NES_SK_548

Duration: 4 Weeks / 40 Hrs / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Module 1 – NFV Technology

Module 2 - Virtualization Concepts

Module 3 - Network functions virtualization (NFV) Architecture

Module 4 - Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Implementation

Module 5 - OpenStack Services for NFV

Module 6 - NFVI project implementation using OpenStack & Operations

Module 7 - SDN Integration with NFV

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