Nex-G Innovations

"I've been to a different training facilities for other technologies, and this is one of the few where I've left feeling like I've learned more than I expected.
Eduardo Moreno, USA


Corporate Responsibility : Marketplace

Increased public awareness and media interest are putting pressure on businesses of all kinds to react to the social and environmental issues that are impacting our world today - from the growth in global poverty to our declining educational systems to climate change. At Nex-G, we have seen this growing awareness directly impact our business, as prospective clients and recruits seek companies that act responsibly and provide new levels of transparency. Recognizing the demands of our clients, recruits and the marketplace as whole, we are keeping an eye on the future, aligning our investments in corporate responsibility with our business strategy and working to communicate with confidence our contributions to a sustainable future.

Nex-G is committed to doing good business - not just business. We support the 10 Principles that focus on international human rights, fair labor, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption. Additionally, we have outlined ethical business practices that we expect from our vendors.

Acquisitions have transformed the shape of our organisation, creating change not only for our employees but also for the markets we work within. Respecting our customers, partners and trainees along with our employees, however, must be continual to create and maintain profitability.