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"Our experience was very good. Trainer was highly knowledgeable and he cleared all doubts to understand concepts of fiber optics network deployment. We learned a lot out of this training and looking forward to take more trainings in future."
Donex Kujaliwa / C. Kawata / Stanley Black / Sitiupa,Malawi
Fiber Optics Training


Quality Leadership

As software becomes a more critical component in systems, concerns about software quality are increasing. Consequently, Nex-G has developed quality standards that are specific to software or that can be applied to software. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards - of people, of processes, of infrastructure. It is our constant endeavor to ensure the highest quality in every aspect of IT services that we deliver.This certification stands testimony of top management commitment to implement international best practices enhancing customer confidence and excellent team effort of Information Security Forum, Administration, Project Teams, and all other Support Departments.
A structured quality process not only ushers in improvement in an organization's quality standards but also helps in enhancing efficiency and adding significant value to its services and business solutions. Nex-G follows a planned and systematic approach to the evaluation of quality and adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures. Software compliance with agreed-upon standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, and audits.

Nex-G follows three standards for quality assurance:

  • Documentation standards specify form and content for planning, control & service documentation and provide consistency throughout a project.
  • Design standards specify the form and content of the service. They provide rules and methods for translating the software requirements into the software design and for representing it in the design documentation.
  • Code standards specify the language in which the code is to be written and define any restrictions on use of language features. They define legal language structures, style conventions, rules for data structures and interfaces, and internal code documentation.

Nex-G Quality Management System

Nex-G is focusing on a single quality management system capable of meeting multiple quality requirements. The Nex-G quality management system not only conforms to existing quality standards but also flexible enough to incorporate new standards. Nex-G has implemented a time-tested system for efficiently managing software development, which ensures high level of quality in all the software developed. This system is controlled and run by the right people, using clearly documented procedures that meet international norms, backed up by frequent software audits. Services are monitored for conformance to standards and processes are monitored for conformance to procedures