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is a programming language for controlling packet forwarding planes in networking devices, such as routers and switches. In contrast to a general purpose language such as C or Python, P4 is a domain-specific language with a number of constructs optimized for network data forwarding.

Code: NES_SK_1229

Duration: 4 Weeks

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Module 1 - Introduction to P4

Module 2 - Overview of P4 Programming Features and Architecture

Module 3 - Programming with the P4 Language

Module 4 - Creating the Server

Module 5 - Configuring the P4 Software Switch

Module 6 - Compiling the P4 Program

Module 7 - Executing the P4 Program

Module 8 - Working with P4Runtime

Module 9 - Monitoring the Network

Module 10 - Troubleshooting

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