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Nex-G Team's understanding on 3G/4G Protocol Development and Physical layer procedures is fabulous. This knowledge is definitely helping us to build world class chipset at ST Ericsson.
Viaya Lakshmi, Project Manager- ST Ericsson

Masters Diploma In 5G Radio Network Design

The continuing growth in demand for better mobile experience, higher data rates and lower latencies is driving the development of the next generation of wireless systems, namely, 5G. Radio network planning (RNP) is one of the essential stages in deploying a wireless network that meets certain coverage, capacity and quality of service (QoS) requirements.

While the RNP problem has been studied for existing wireless standards, the major advancements introduced in the upcoming 5G standard necessitate a reinvestigation of the problem. We have designed this training to understand upcoming 5G network RNP. We are covering key aspects that would constitute the core of next generation networks such as the use of millimeter wave (mmw) carrier frequencies, and the eventual deployment of heterogeneous and dense networks. Different facets of the 5G RNP process are evaluated for various network scenarios. We have also covered Big Data & Machine Learning aspect which is going to play a big role in 5G Network design and optimization.

Who Should Do ?

RF Engineers, Radio Network Planning Engineers, Project Managers, Operators, Regulators. or anyone else responsible for RF planning or design will benefit from Masters Diploma In 5G Radio Network Design.

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