Nex-G Innovations

5G Signaling

Signal processing techniques have played the most important role in wireless communications since the second generation of cellular systems. It is anticipated that new techniques employed in 5G wireless networks will not only improve peak service rates significantly but also enhance capacity, coverage, reliability, low-latency, efficiency, flexibility, compatibility and convergence to meet the increasing demands imposed by applications such as big data, cloud service, machine-to-machine (M2M) and mission-critical communications.

Code: NES_SK_3291

Duration: 40 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Modules Covered in the Course

Module 1:- 5G System Architecture

Module 2:- 5G Protocol Architecture

Module 3:- Non-Access Stratum

Module 4:- RRC

  1. RRC protocol architecture
  1. RRC services and functions
  1. SRBs
  1. RRC procedures and messages (system information, paging, RRC connection establishment, initial security activation, RRC)
  1. connection reconfiguration, RRC connection re-establishment, RRC connection release, radio link failure related actions

Module 5:- NGAP

Module 6:- XnAP

Module 7:- F1AP

Module 8:- Mobility

Module 9:- 5G security

Module 10:- SDAP

Module 11:- PDCP

Module 12:- RLC

Module 13:- NR physical layer

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