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Thanks for contacting Nex-G | Innovations for your training requirement. Founded in 2002, Nex-G | Innovations is leading professional training provider in mobile communication technologies and mobile application domain. We have trained trainees from more than 50 countries spread across 7 continents. This course work on Big Data BI for Telco covers all the emerging new areas in which CSPs are investing for productivity gain and opening up new business revenue stream. The course will provide a complete 360 degree over view of Big Data BI in Telco so that decision makers and managers can have a very wide and comprehensive overview of possibilities of Big Data BI in Telco for productivity and revenue gain.

Who Should Do ?

  • Network operation, Financial Managers, CRM managers and top IT managers in Telco CIO office.
  • Business Analysts in Telco
  • CFO office managers/analysts
  • Operational managers
  • QA managers


Main objective of the course is to introduce new Big Data business intelligence techniques in 4 sectors of Telecom Business (Marketing/Sales, Network Operation, Financial operation and Customer Relation Management). Students will be introduced to following: Introduction to Big Data-what is 4Vs (volume, velocity, variety and veracity) in Big Data- Generation, extraction and management from Telco perspective How Big Data analytic differs from legacy data analytic In-house justification of Big Data -Telco perspective Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem- familiarity with all Hadoop tools like Hive, Pig, SPARC –when and how they are used to solve Big Data problem How Big Data is extracted to analyze for analytics tool-how Business Analysis’s can reduce their pain points of collection and analysis of data through integrated Hadoop dashboard approach Basic introduction of Insight analytics, visualization analytics and predictive analytics for Telco Customer Churn analytic and Big Data-how Big Data analytic can reduce customer churn and customer dissatisfaction in Telco-case studies Network failure and service failure analytics from Network meta-data and IPDR Financial analysis-fraud, wastage and ROI estimation from sales and operational data Customer acquisition problem-Target marketing, customer segmentation and cross-sale from sales data Introduction and summary of all Big Data analytic products and where they fit into Telco analytic space Conclusion-how to take step-by-step approach to introduce Big Data Business Intelligence in your organization

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