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Hadoop Big Data Training

Big data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy. The term often refers simply to the use of predictive analytics or other certain advanced methods to extract value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set. Accuracy in big data may lead to more confident decision making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiency, cost reduction and reduced risk..


Code: NES_SK_1324

Duration: 60 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite

Modules Covered in the Course

Hadoop Installation manual

Hadoop Cluster Configuration and Data Loading

Hadoop MapReduce framework

Advance MapReduce and YARN (MRv2)

Pig and Pig Latin


NoSQL Databases, HBase and ZooKeeper

Hadoop Project Discussion

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