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Evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (eMBMS)

Mobile operators around the world are deploying Long Term Evolution (LTE) in order to support the ever increasing demand for speed and data throughput. Video is becoming a significant component of the information carried by mobile networks. Techniques related to content distribution are critical for the operators to maximize the spectral efficiencies and provide acceptable coverage and capacity for subscribers. eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) is a technology designed for LTE networks that supports efficient distribution of broadcast and multicast contents. This course provides an overview of eMBMS technology. Starting with a quick introduction to eMBMS, the course then describes example usage scenarios followed by an architecture discussion. The course covers the end-to-end operations in eMBMS and concludes with a look at how eMBMS is supported over the air on LTE networks.

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