Nex-G Skills

"I've been to a different training facilities for other technologies, and this is one of the few where I've left feeling like I've learned more than I expected.
Eduardo Moreno, USA


Diploma in LTE Deployment

We have developed this training to develop skillsets in the field of deployment of LTE network. Alan Hadden, President of the GSA, stated: "LTE is an industry success. We have raised our market outlook in view of the quickening pace of commitments and deployments. GSA forecasts there will be 260 commercially launched networks in 93 countries by end 2013.". Based on current industry demand, we have designed a specialized LTE training to cover the essential elements of Long Term Evolution (LTE), LTE RAN, concepts behind OFDMA/SC-FDMA, Overview of MIMO, LTE Cell Planning, LTE Capacity Planning, EPC, IMS, Diameter, EPC Signaling, Security, Voice over LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE Backhaul (both Microwave and Metro Ethernet), PPE-TE, MPLS-TP and more. Our focus is more on hands-on skills development through tools required for LTE Deployment.

Who Should Do ?

People involved with RF planning for LTE, People employed or contracted to: Network Operators, Manufacturers, Integrators, Regulators, Students & Research Associates.

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