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NOMA 5G Training

Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is an essential enabling technology for the fifth generation (5G) wireless networks to meet the heterogeneous demands on low latency, high reliability, massive connectivity, improved fairness, and high throughput. The key idea behind NOMA is to serve multiple users in the same resource block, such as a time slot, subcarrier, or spreading code. The NOMA principle is a general framework, and several recently proposed 5G multiple access schemes can be viewed as special cases

Code: NES_SK_3191

Duration: 40 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Modules Covered in the Course

Module 2 - Optimal Power Allocation for Downlink NOMA Systems

Module 3 - On the Design of Multiple-Antenna Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

Module 4 - NOMA for Millimeter Wave Networks

  1. Fundamentals of mmWave Communications
  1. Unicast Transmissions for mmWave-NOMA Networks
  1. Multicast Transmissions for mmWave-NOMA Networks
  1. Cooperative Multicast Transmissions for mmWave-NOMA HetNets

Module 5 - Full-Duplex Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks

Module 6 - Heterogeneous NOMA with Energy Cooperation

Module 7 - NOMA in Vehicular Communications

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