Advance Diploma In OMNeT++

OMNeT++ is an extensible, modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators. Network in this case is meant in a broader sense that includes wired and wireless communication networks, on-chip networks, queueing networks, OMNeT++ provides a component architecture for models. Components (modules) are programmed in C++, then assembled into larger components and models using a high-level language (NED).

Who Should Do ?

Bachelor Of Technology, Bachelor Of Engineering, Bachelor Of Science, Bachelor Of Computer Application, Master Of Technology, Master Of Engineering, Master Of Science, Master Of Computer Application.

Modules Covered in the Course

  • Omnet++ Basics
  • Installing Omnet++
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Models (TCP/IP – IP, TPC, UDP, PPP)
  • Models (Network Protocols – Ethernet, 802.11, FDDI, Token Ring)
  • Models – Peer to peer networks
  • Models – Sensor Networks
  • Issues In Discrete Event Simulation environment
  • Randomness
  • Flexibility
  • Programming Model
  • Model Management
  • Hierarchical Modelling
  • Debugging & Tracking
  • Simulation Model Building
  • Build Process
  • Channels
  • Network Graphics and Animation
  • Sample Project

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Training Mode

Instructor Lead Regular / Instructor Lead Online / Instructor Lead Part Time / Onsite (Corporate)

Training Schedule

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