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Fantastic and extremely insightful training by Saptya. For these people, all they need is a training this deep and consolidated and then they find you will be the first choice for their companies and outside rather than looking for someone new!
Sujatha P. ZEE5


We have successfully delivered OTT-TV Training to Zee5, Akamai, ESPN Star Sports, AT & T, GlobalLogic etc to name a few.


OTT-TV Advertising Training

This course is designed for professionals who are interested to learn OTT TV and its impact. Engineers, PM and designers who need to understand the technology behind OTT TV.(OTT, Over-the-top Video, Over-the-Internet Video) - Over-the-top is a general term for service that you utilize over a network that is not offered by that network operator

Who Should Do ?

Technical Managers, Consultants, Communications Professionals, Software engineers, System Engineers, Network Professionals, Marketing and Sales professional, IT professionals.

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