Nex-G Innovations

Satellite Communication for 5G

Satellites can provide wide coverage to complement and to extend the dense terrestrial cells, which is in line with the ubiquitous coverage targeted by 5G networks. Satellites have an important potential role to play in supporting the overall resilience by complementing other communications infrastructures. Satellites can support a resilient 5G network to mitigate the problems of overload/congestion to meet the 5G KPI “ensure for everyone and everywhere access to a wider portfolio of services and applications at lower cost”. Advanced satellite payloads and enhanced onboard processing can enable the satellite to cache specific user information.

Code: NES_SK_3192

Duration: 40 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Modules Covered in the Course

Role of satellite communications in 5G ecosystem: perspectives and challenges

Satellite use cases and scenarios for 5G eMBB

SDN-enabled SatCom networks for satellite-terrestrial integration

NFV-based scenarios for satellite–terrestrial integration

  1. Brief introduction to cloud computing
  1. NFV orchestration overview
  1. Integration scenarios
  • Scenario 1: virtual CDN as a Service
  • Scenario 2: satellite virtual network operator (SVNO)
  • Scenario 3: dynamic backhauling with edge processing
  • Scenario 4: customer functions virtualization

Propagation and system dimensions in extremely high frequency broadband aeronautical SatCom systems

Next-generation non-geostationary satellite communication systems: link characterization and system perspective

Diversity combining and handover techniques: enabling 5G using MEO satellites

Powerful nonlinear countermeasures for multicarrier satellites: progression to 5G

Satellite multi-beam precoding software-defined radio demonstrator

Beam-hopping systems for next-generation satellite communication systems

Optical on–off keying data links for low Earth orbit downlink applications

Ultra-high-speed data relay systems

On-board processing for satellite-terrestrial integration

On-board interference detection and localization for satellite communication

Random access in satellite communications: a background on legacy and advanced schemes

Interference avoidance and mitigation techniques for hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks

Dynamic spectrum sharing in hybrid satellite–terrestrial systems

Two-way satellite relaying

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