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"I've been to a different training facilities for other technologies, and this is one of the few where I've left feeling like I've learned more than I expected.
Eduardo Moreno, USA


NB-IoT Corporate Training to Secure Meters

Nex-G Innovations has successfully delivered NB-IoT Training to Secure Meters. We are a multi-national solutions provider for revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency that enable users to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. We began life in 1987 at the advent of the electronic age. High-quality, sustained accuracy and features that help revenue protection have always been a hallmark of the products produced by Secure. Our expertise is spread over the entire energy stream, from the generation of electricity, gas and heat, to their final consumption, adding value at every point.

Training Details

This training is targeted at everybody who requires a really deep understanding of NB-IoT and its capabilities and liabilities. After a comparison among the different long-range IoT-technologies, the course dives deep into the RF, PHY and higher layers of NB-IoT and answers several questions.

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