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"We are happy with the knowledge which has been delivered by Nex-G. We have gained a lot of new knowledge regarding Fiber Optics Communication and FTTX Model. "


Fiber Optics & FTTX Corporate Training to IO Global team, Afghanistan

Nex-G Innovations has delivered Fiber Optics & FTTX training IO Global, Afghanistan. IO Global is a leading ISP with a large customer base in Afghanistan specializing in broadband solutions with a high focus on Internet connectivity services. IO Global provides WiMAX, VSAT. Point-to-Point Wireless based Broadband Internet Access, to large Corporates, Banks, SMEs, SOHOs and Homes.

With several years of proven track record of intensive on-field experience, IO Global are one of the foremost WiMax, VSAT/RF experts in Afghanistan. Founded by a team of professionals in the field of satellite communications, information technology and Telecoms, IO Global specializes in short and long-term turnkey contracts for services with operating engineering staffers, microwave, satellite and IP, design engineers and project managers.

Training Details

  • We have successfully delivered the training to the IO Global and met their practical requirement which they are going to deploy in their network topology to offer multiple services to their clients.
  • We make them aware regarding the fiber optics and its fundamentals how the optical communication work over the different optical wavelengths for higher data transmission (Triple Play Services).
  • We also shared knowledge regarding physical components like Optical Fibers, Optical Connecters, Splitters, Fiber Distribution Boxes, Routers, OLT, ONU, Splicing and Testing Tools and also delivered the knowledge for FTTX model.
  • Here we discussed about the Protocols, Planning, Development, Network Designing, Deployment, Managing and Monitoring the entire network system from data center (POP) to the last mile customer end in different patterns like FTTH, FTTB, FTTC etc.
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