Nex-G Innovations

"I was strugling with my Masters Project on PMIP6 (Wifi - WiMax handover) network simulation and then i came across Nex-G. I gave my project development work to them and it was developed and delivered to me in promised time. I am highly satisfied. I also refered Nex-G to many students in my country".
Shayla , Malaysia


BigData Projects

Big data refer to technologies and initiatives that tackle diverse, massive data to address the traditional technologies, skills, and infrastructure efficiently. The volume, velocity, and variety of data are greatly high. Big Data is not a single technology or initiative, but it depends on several domains of business and technology. Recently developed technologies make it possible to recognize value from Big Data.

Big Data grasped a lot of attention from market trends, equipment based performance, and other industry elements. Big Data is particularly a troublesome factor in business analytics since the traditional tools and procedures are not designed to search and analyze massive datasets. Big Data deals with two classes of data sets, namely, structured and unstructured. The records obtained from inventories, orders, and customer information contributes to the structured datasets. The unstructured data set can be obtained from the web, social media, and intelligent devices.

Who Should Do ?

B.Tech, M.Tech, ME, PHD Scholars or corporates interested in research and simulation projects.