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"I was strugling with my Masters Project on PMIP6 (Wifi - WiMax handover) network simulation and then i came across Nex-G. I gave my project development work to them and it was developed and delivered to me in promised time. I am highly satisfied. I also refered Nex-G to many students in my country".
Shayla , Malaysia


OMNet++ Projects

The Structure of an OMNET++ simulation, explaining how the file structure works and where you should include each part of your simulation.As described in the post about the Network Simulators, OMNET++ has an IDE based on Eclipse that makes it easier to create a project and run simulations. The structure of an OMNET++ simulation can be explained by three file levels.OMNET++ has a component-based structure. Each component has a different description and its behavior, which is defined by the algorithm implemented at this level.

OMNet++ is a component-based, modular and open-architecture discrete event network simulator. omnet++ is an object-oriented modular discrete event network simulation framework. omnet++ itself is not a simulator of anything concrete, but rather provides infrastructure and tools for writing simulations. omnet++ simulations can be run under various user interfaces. Graphical, animating user interfaces are highly useful for demonstration and debugging purposes, and command-line user interfaces are best for batch execution. omnet++ simulator as well as user interfaces and tools are highly portable. They are tested on the most common operating systems (Linux, Mac OS/X, and Windows).After getting a basic introduction to simulation and modeling, we will study a small example project already using OMNeT++.

Who Should Do ?

B.Tech, M.Tech, ME, PHD Scholars or corporates interested in research and simulation projects.