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"I was strugling with my Masters Project on PMIP6 (Wifi - WiMax handover) network simulation and then i came across Nex-G. I gave my project development work to them and it was developed and delivered to me in promised time. I am highly satisfied. I also refered Nex-G to many students in my country".
Shayla , Malaysia


LabView Projects

Labview project is a highly productive development environment for creating custom applications that interact with real-world data or signals in fields such as science and engineering. The net result of using a tool such as Labview project is that higher quality projects can be completed in less time with fewer people involved.

labview project itself is a software development environment that contains numerous components, several of which are required for any type of test, measurement, or control application. labview project is an inherently concurrent language, so it is very easy to program multiple tasks that are performed in parallel by means of multithreading. This is, for instance, easily done by drawing two or more parallel while loops.

This is a great benefit for test system automation, where it is common practice to run processes like test sequencing, data recording, and hardware interfacing in parallel. One of the reasons labview project makes you successful is its ability to scale to meet the needs of a given application. Picking the right software is all too often a balancing act between ease of use and learning curve on one side and power and flexibility on the other.

Nex-G has large pool of R&D engineers who are engaged in research and development of simulation projects. We provide technical assistance to students who are pursuing bachelors, masters and PHD. Through this platform we are building a collaborative approach between academy and industry. This is benefiting a large number of researchers to work in complex areas and finding solutions on different research areas in networking, telecommunication, data analytics and many such evolving areas.

Depending upon interest, we provide flexibility to student to opt for either of three model.

Model 1 - Get training and develop self project (More Details)
Model 2 - Get training and project development assistance from us.
Model 3 - Get project developed by us.

Who Should Do ?

B.Tech, M.Tech, ME, PHD Scholars or corporates interested in research and simulation projects.