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"I've been to a different training facilities for other technologies, and this is one of the few where I've left feeling like I've learned more than I expected.
Eduardo Moreno, USA


OTT-TV Corporate Training to Akamai Technology team, Mumbai

Nex-G Innovations has delivered OTT-TV training Akamai Technology team, Mumbai. Akamai is the leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions. Akamai's content delivery network is one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15% and 30% of all web traffic.[3] The company operates a network of servers around the world and rents out capacity on these servers to customers who want their websites to work faster by distributing content from locations close to the user. Akamai delivers content from other end-users' computers, in a form of peer-to-peer networking. Akamai's use proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of all servers in the global Akamai network. Akamai releases data from its Intelligent Platform, which provides global Internet statistics such as connection speed, broadband adoption, attack traffic, network connectivity, and mobile connectivity.

Training Details

This course is designed for professionals who are interested to learn OTT TV and its impact. Engineers, PM and designers who need to understand the technology behind OTT TV.(OTT, Over-the-top Video, Over-the-Internet Video) - Over-the-top is a general term for service that you utilize over a network that is not offered by that network operator.

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