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We have successfully delivered OTT-TV Training to Zee5, Akamai, ESPN Star Sports, AT & T, GlobalLogic etc to name a few.


OTT-TV Corporate Training to HCL US & Chennai

Nex-G Innovations has successfully delivered OTT-TV & CDN training to HCL US & Chennai Teams. HCL Technologies began as the R&D Division of HCL Enterprise, a company which was a contributor to the development and growth of the IT and computer industry in India. HCL Enterprise developed an indigenous microcomputer in 1978, and a networking OS and client-server architecture in 1983. HCL Technologies has had a very strong presence in India from the time of its inception, contributing to the cause of nation-building through advanced technology solutions. For one of the largest Fortune 500 Asia-based oil and gas exploration and production companies with a highly complex data network and IT infrastructure, HCL provided complete network, communication and IT infrastructure management solutions with a very high level of data security. HCL also helps India’s largest stock exchange manage 10 million transactions per day with sub-second latency. Read on for more examples of how HCL partners with our clients in India.

Training Details

This course is designed for professionals who are interested to learn OTT TV and its impact. Engineers, PM and designers who need to understand the technology behind OTT TV.(OTT, Over-the-top Video, Over-the-Internet Video) - Over-the-top is a general term for service that you utilize over a network that is not offered by that network operator.

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