Nex-G Innovations

ArcGIS Implementation

ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is used for: creating and using maps; compiling geographic data; analyzing mapped information; sharing and discovering geographic information; using maps and geographic information in a range of applications; and managing geographic information in a databas.

Code: NES_SK_7732

Duration: 40 Hrs / 4 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Module 1 Authoring, sharing, and using GIS maps

  • Understanding the workflow
  • Creating maps that combine local data with ArcGIS Online content
  • Publishing a map to the web

Module 2 Organizing geographic data

  • Finding data for a project
  • Storing data from different sources in a file geodatabase
  • Documenting data for a project

Module 3 Managing map layers

  • Setting scale ranges to improve map display
  • Presenting filtered views of data using definition queries
  • Creating group layers and basemap layers to organize map contents

Module 4 Displaying data

  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative data
  • Symbolizing features by attribute values
  • Classification methods

Module 5 Working with tabular data

  • Adding fields and calculating values
  • Summarizing fields
  • Table joins and relates

Module 6 Creating and editing data

  • Editing workflow
  • Feature templates
  • Creating new features
  • Updating feature shapes and attributes
  • Editing data using an ArcGIS Online template

Module 7 Labeling features

  • Labeling workflow and options
  • Understanding reference scale
  • Automating label placement using Maplex
  • Python label expressions

Module 8 Designing map layouts

  • Cartographic design principles
  • Adding map elements
  • Creating and publishing single maps and map books

Module 9 Preparing data for analysis

  • Evaluating data quality
  • Changing a dataset's coordinate system

Module 10 Solving spatial problems

  • Analysis workflow
  • Working with geoprocessing tools
  • Creating models

Module 11 Sharing geographic information

  • Options for sharing maps and layers
  • Sharing analysis workflows using geoprocessing packages
  • Publishing a map service

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