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ArcGIS Mobile

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile helps organizations deliver GIS capabilities and data from centralized servers to a range of mobile devices. You can use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile to deploy intuitive and productive mobile GIS applications to increase the accuracy and improve the currency of GIS data across your organization. Easy-to-use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile applications enable field staff who do not necessarily have any GIS experience to do.

Code: NES_SK_7737

Duration: 80 Hrs / 8 Weeks / Customized

Mode: Online / Offline / Onsite


Module 1 ArcGIS Mobile overview

  • Defining mobile GIS
  • Features of ArcGIS Mobile
  • Supported mobile devices
  • ArcGIS Mobile project setup options
  • Software for deploying ArcGIS Mobile
  • Example industry applications

Module 2 Planning mobile projects

  • Planning process
  • Mobile project types
  • Creating projects using the mobile project workflow

Module 3 Mobile data design

  • Design requirements for mobile geodatabases
  • Mobile data management options
  • Data transaction models
  • Mobile geodatabase schema

Module 4 Mobile map design

  • Design considerations
  • Mobile map layers, symbology, and feature types
  • Map templates

Module 5 Publishing mobile map services

  • Selecting appropriate basemap layers
  • Generating the mobile cache
  • Optimizing mobile map services

Module 6 Security

  • Securing mobile services, devices, projects, data, and communication
  • IT considerations

Module 7 Creating mobile projects

  • Mobile Project Center
  • Configuring mobile projects and project tasks
  • GPS settings for mobile projects
  • Collecting geometry

Module 8 Deploying mobile projects

  • Deployment options
  • Deployment packages
  • Device configurations

Module 9 Synchronizing mobile projects

  • Synchronizing data between the field and the office
  • Troubleshooting synchronization errors
  • Viewing and managing field edits

Module 10 Maintaining mobile projects

  • Techniques for long-term project maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

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